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Criadero La Cadencia

Specializing in the 4 beat Paso Fino gait.

Our Mission

Criadero La Cadencia prides itself on breeding the best Paso Fino show horses in the world. Where quality is valued over quantity, attention to detail is expected at every level, and each horse is provided with a foundation for success.


We believe that “Genetics” supersedes everything. It is the foundation on which you build the animal to its maximum potential. External factors come into play only after the genetics has shown what material you have to work with. Here we analyze the sire and dam in every aspect, choosing only what we believe will produce top quality offspring. We practice a progressive breeding program that takes advantage of 4 key principles- Consistent Goal, Heritability, Selection Intensity, and Generation Interval.


Reproduction is an athletic event. In other words, breeding horses that are athletic will maximize their breeding efficiency. After years of trying all different types of feed in the market, we’ve decided to trust Triple Crown Feed. They have developed a variety of feed types to fulfill the different requirements of each horse. Primarily we use the Complete, Growth, and Training formulas. TC Feeds have performed beyond our expectations.


Over the years we’ve developed a strong team for training the competition Paso Fino horse. The team consists of professionals such as Veterinarians, Handlers, Barn hands, and Competition Riders. Every step of the way is important and we value everyone in the team as a collective. The overall success is achieved by everyone’s contributions. Many horses with great potential are lost at this stage, therefore it is important that everyone in the team do their absolute best to deliver the finished product…a Champion!



This group of Elite mares are part of the broodmare herd that comprises our breeding program. They have been hand selected due to their powerful genetic composition, proven cross of bloodlines, and unique gait.
All of the Mares in the herd are available for the Embryo Transfer Program.



This is what we consider part of the evolution of the Paso Fino Breed. By crossing powerful genetic lines, we hope to achieve the natural four beat gait of this wonderful breed. In particular we breed to achieve the classic Fino gait for competition.